Why is it called que Bottle?

que Bottles were so named because they are cute and collapse into a cube size.

Does que Bottle ship outside of the US?

We currently only offer shipping within US.

Can I put hot liquid in the bottle?

Yes, silicone is safe for hot liquid up to 500°F (260°C) . But we do not recommend using it for hot liquid temperature higher than 140°F (60°C) while holding it to avoid possible burns.

What are que Bottle’s dimensions and weight?

The dimensions for the 20 fl oz size bottle is: 4.8’’ x 2.8’’x 2.8’’ collapsed and 8.4’’x2.8’’x2.8’’ expanded. It weighs about 6 oz.

The dimensions for the 12 fl oz size bottle is: 4.0’’ x 2.6’’x 2.6’’ collapsed and 6.8’’x2.6’’x2.6’’ expanded. It weighs about 5 oz.

What is the capacity of the bottles?

We currently offer two sizes: 12 fl oz (355 ml) expanded, 5 fl oz (150ml) collapsed and 20oz (600 ml) expanded, 8 fl oz (235 ml) collapsed.

Can I put it in the freezer?

The que Bottle is made from silicone, which is a material rated for very low and very high temperatures. That said, water expands when frozen, and we recommend you not fill the bottle completely when you place your bottle in the freezer.

What is que Bottle made of? 

The que bottle is 100% safe to use. The body of the bottle is made of FDA/LFGB approved food grade silicone, which is non-toxic and BPA free. The cap is made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel.

How do I clean que Bottle?

que Bottle is dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean it using a dishwasher. You can also clean it using boiling water.

Does it keep hot and cold for a long time?

que Bottles are not designed to keep the liquid cold or hot for a very long time, but it does slow down the change in temperature.

Is there any damage to the bottle if I collapse it too many times?

No, there won’t be any damage caused by frequent collapsing and expanding because silicone is an extremely flexible material. Although we haven’t done any test to get the exact number of times, we get a pretty good feel that it’s going to be in the million range.

Is the bottle hygienic?

Silicone as a material does not have any open pores that can harbor bacteria. On top of that, you can also wash your bottle in the dishwasher. It's completely safe!


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